National Preparedness Month: Be Prepared, Not Scared

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September is National Preparedness Month. We encourage individuals and families to prepare now, and throughout the year, for the possibility of future emergencies and disasters. This year’s theme is Prepared, not Scared. Each week in September will focus on a different way to prepare for emergencies.

Week 1: September 1-7: Save Early for Disaster Costs.

Take time to understand insurance coverage against flood damage and property insurance. Collect important personal, household, medical, and financial information. Consider opening an emergency savings account. More tips can be found here: preparedness. or .

Week 2: September 8-14: Make a Plan to Prepare for Disasters.

Families and households should:

  1. Make an Emergency Plan
  2. Sign up for alerts and warnings in your area
  3. Have an Evacuation Plan
  4. Practice your plans and routes

Discuss specific needs, such as medical needs, pets, and the ages of the members of your family or household. Family Emergency Plans can be found here:

Week 3: September 15-21: Teach Youth to Prepare for Disasters.

Children can be especially vulnerable in disasters. Teach them what to do in an emergency and how you will communicate with them if disaster strikes. Visit for ways to get your children involved in preparedness planning.

Week 4: September 22-30: Get Involved in Your Community’s Preparedness.

Learn more about volunteer organizations that assist with disaster response in your community. Remember to check in with your family, friends, and neighbors during a disaster.

It is important for individuals, families, organizations, and businesses to always be prepared for an emergency. We suggest that all of these groups have an emergency plan in place. For more information, visit, or

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